I have been a construction attorney for many years.   In that time, I have seen a few trends that left their marks on the construction and development industries—trends like the popularized use of non-traditional project delivery methods such as design-build and construction managers, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and mold lawsuits.  None of these trends have been as exciting or important as the “green building” trend.

“Green building” will truly change the construction and development industries for many years to come.  Green building and sustainable construction are not merely fads or “flashes in the pan.”  Over the next decade or so, green and sustainable construction initiatives will become the new standard for virtually all development and construction projects throughout the country (and beyond our borders).  It’s very possible that we will see a day in the near future when every new development and renovation will be built to a green building standard such as LEED or Energy Star, or some other sustainable construction guideline or regulation that has not yet emerged.

My goals for this blog are to identify and keep you updated on significant issues affecting the development and construction industries (both green and non-green issues), and to create a forum for discussion about the impact of these issues and the resolution of any conflicts that they create.

Welcome to the Construction and Green Building Law Blawg!  Let’s get started…..